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JOB INFO 2011 - 2012

Hi All,
Gaby, Friend of mine from Bali, just called me yesterday Dec 2, 2011. He asked me to find people (Indonesian) specially friend, to work in Canada.   He got this message from his sister in law's lawyer who live in Canada that usually help Indonesian people to study and work in Canada legally. Many company's owner in Canada ( Hotel, Airline, Bar, Restaurant/Cafe) asking him (this lawyer) to supply them with overseas worker.They like Indonesian mostly.
I told Gaby to get me valid info, before I extend this information to our fellow Indonesian friends.
Information regarding recruitment process, Contact Person, Fee, Documents, etc.. Coz I don't want to send people there to get in trouble.
So, I'm waiting for the latest info, and I'll post it as soon as I got it. So stay tune here.
At this moment, they need 3 butcher and 1 asst cook to deploy this year.
If you intrested, prepare your CV from now.


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